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Thema: Introduce a philatelic book about China Meters
frankit&meter Am: 25.02.2018 14:55:35 Gelesen: 1602# 1 @  
Hello, I haven't been here for a long time.

This time, I introduce a philatelic book "SELECTED WRITINGS ON POSTAGE METER STAMPS", Maybe you are interested it.

This book is written by my friend. The main contents of this book there is a variety of Chinese postage meter stamp. The book cover designed by me. you can introduce it to your friends or more postage meter stamp collectors.

The following is the preface of the book in English.

Postage Meter is a kind of automatic equipment that facilitates the postage service, improves work efficiency and provides convenience to customers. In recent years, China has been making big progress in the area of Postage Meter service.
I have been collecting Postage Meter stamps for over 20 years. From these postage meter stamps, we can find valuable information like post meter types, quantities, distributions and so on. All the studies give us a way to understand local history of Postage Meter and Meter Stamps, which clearly indicates my personal interest and motivation.
For many years, I have dedicated myself into collecting, studying and writing about Postage Meter and Meter Stamps. Over 100 writings have been published until 2007, which lead to the book entitled “SELECTED WRITINGS ON POSTAGE METER STAMPS”, the first Philately book in mainland China on Postage Meter and Meter Stamps. This book is widely distributed in local meter stamp collectors and regarded as their first Chinese meter stamp guidebook. Many people expect me to continue work on the second book.
Encouragements and expectations from my dear philately friends have driven me to publish my second book on postage meter and meter stamps. Here it comes. From over 100 publications after 2007, I selected about 70, carefully edit each publication, added several new writings and combined into my second book.
My second book is entitled “Collected Works on Postage Meter Stamps”, which can be regarded as the continuation of my first book “Selected Writings on Postage Meter Stamps”. The first book introduces meter stamps in about 20 Chinese areas. The second one covers other areas in China and simultaneously introduces other Post Meter and Meter Stamps knowledge that is not covered in the first book. Combining the two books, people can see a full picture on the history and development of China local Postage Meter and Meter stamps.
All the cited publications have been listed. I greatly appreciate.

22028 Am: 26.02.2018 10:03:37 Gelesen: 1523# 2 @  
Gibt es da nicht schon ein Buch von Carla Michel-Lodders zu dem Thema? OK, das hat schon einige Jährchen auf dem Buckel.
frankit&meter Am: 27.02.2018 15:56:03 Gelesen: 1442# 3 @  

This is the first Philately book.
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