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Thema: China Large Dragon stamps Color meter Stamps
frankit&meter Am: 31.07.2018 17:15:00 Gelesen: 2046# 1 @  

This is the second group of color postage meter stamps issued by China.
DL8AAM Am: 01.08.2018 18:49:53 Gelesen: 2020# 2 @  

thanks for showing these new items.

I was askd by Rick Stambaugh [1], Editor of the International Postage Meter Stamp Online Catalog [2], if you have any further information about it, like model/series etc.

I think it might be a Pitney Bowes connect+ series meter model?

It was temporary addes in the Mainland-China chapter [3] under "HC19"

Maybe you can contact him directly?

Best regards

[1] rickstambaugh at
frankit&meter Am: 02.08.2018 16:24:51 Gelesen: 2015# 3 @  

This is a "浙工大 CX51" color postage meter independently developed by China.

Some of the China postage meter in the online catalogue of international postage stamps was also edited by me.
frankit&meter Am: 04.08.2018 16:21:17 Gelesen: 1999# 4 @  
This is the first set of meter stamps issued by China.

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