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Thema: A nice vintage maximum card ?
March Am: 29.08.2013 14:10:08 Gelesen: 2374# 1 @  
NO. It's only a nice "Souvenir Card". Why ? Because as per FIP Rules a maximum card must coply with three conditions : concordance of (1) Subject, (2) Place, and (3) Time.

Whilst no. 1 & 3 conditions are met , the no.2 condition NOT ! Because in Berlin there was not ( and there is not) a PORT where a navy submarine can call at !

So what we have here is only a nice "Souvenir Card " and not a Maximum Card !

manni55 Am: 01.01.2015 14:09:24 Gelesen: 2106# 2 @  

does you sell or exchanges maximum cards from germany/DDR?

best regards
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