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Thema: Need some info about these QUITTUNGSMARKE please
March Am: 08.11.2013 14:18:52 Gelesen: 2768# 1 @  
Could someone tell me something about history of these vignettes please ? Tks

jahlert Am: 09.11.2013 00:34:26 Gelesen: 2760# 2 @  
@ March [#1]


here is a link for you:

Have a nice day
March Am: 09.11.2013 11:45:45 Gelesen: 2758# 3 @  
Thanks a lot Juergen :)

So these are the Receipt stamps( vignettes) of the German society for the rescue of shipwrecked
(DGzRS). Also applied are the cachets of the sea rescue vessels : "Paul Denker" - Station Travemunde , and "Theodor Heuss" - Station Laboe. And the postal stamps are cancelled by the post offices with same names !
jahlert Am: 14.11.2013 01:15:32 Gelesen: 2735# 4 @  
@ March [#3]

You're welcome!

I collect cancellations from Switzerland and from Germany. If you have any questions you can write a mail - I'll support you (if I can). ;-)

CU & have a nice day

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