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Thema: Romanian Post cards - Hitler and Antonescu
March Am: 27.04.2015 21:17:51 Gelesen: 2137# 1 @  
The Marshal received by Hitler in Berlin, November 1940.

Military Post Card - Free of charge

The text under illustration reads :

I assure you today that I will go back with the trust of Fuhrer and of the German people
March Am: 01.05.2015 13:12:07 Gelesen: 2103# 2 @  
Another Romanian Military Post Card ( Free of Charge ) :

Hitler explaining to Antonescu the war fronts' situation - 26 April 1941

Text below the illustration ( free translation from Romanian to English ):

" The New Order , which will be installed in Europe, does find in my people not only the formal political approval but his own beliefs in the great European becoming "
Marshal Antonescu
in "Berliner Boersenzeitung", 26 April 1941

As it is known, Antonescu , for his close alliance with Hitler, was executed by a military firing squad on June 1, 1946

Heinrich3 Am: 10.05.2015 17:48:30 Gelesen: 2052# 3 @  
@ March [#2]

Thank you for showing the 2 cards. Do you also have any really used by soldiers?

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