Thema: (?) (223) Kleidung und Wäsche - Rohmaterial, Herstellung, Vertrieb
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Spanische 'Haute Couture': Paco Rabanne [1] 4 Roben auf Briefmarke. Ausgabedatum 12.9.2013, Wert 0.52€. Bei Colnect steht folgendes:

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Michel ES 4808 dress made of plates cut in quadrangular and triangular shapes in a strawberry pink colour, combined with other transparent yellow and blue plastic plating

Michel ES 4809 knee-high dress made with circular metallic golden rhodoďd plating connected with metal rings

Michel ES 4806 long dress made with silver plastic plating, soldered with metal rings and chains. The bottom opens towards the left, and the dress closes in the back with a silver plastic button

Michel ES 4807 knee-high dress made of yellow and turquoise zippers in cotton and gold-plated metal. The zippers are distributed in groups of six with two alternating

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