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Ein kurzer Bericht über die Erfahrung eines 21 jährigen in America.

Wohl in Englisch aber interessant wie die Fragen gestellt wurden und seine Lösung.

Ist es die Ausnahme ?

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A sad sad time for stamps.....
by albionstamps on Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:36 pm is a run down of what I encountered at the White Plains stamp show here in New York. This is a show that I found out about last week, a three day show this weekend, which I was getting very excited about. Mind you, I haven't been to a stamp show for years - probably around 8 years now. The last show I went to was the APEX show in NYC.

Upon entering the show, I was excited to see how many booths there were - good start I thought! Well, problem was I couldn't find the stamp dealers. After searching through all the coin and paper money dealers, I finally found a group of stamp guys in the back. Here is a run down....

a) Where are the buyers? Other than myself, I would say there were no more than 15 people max. This is about one buyer per booth.
b) Lack of material. Most of the buyers there didn't have much to sell - a few boxes here and there but nothing significant at all.
c) Under estimation of me. I am not going to lie, I had about a grand I wanted to spend at the show. Obviously I wasn't wearing pins of 100's on my jacket but still. When the dealers asked me what I collected, I told them American Rev's. Being that I am quite young (21), they handed me the rev's box which cost about $0.25 each. They said if I wanted, they had books of even cheaper and faulty items which they could sell for nearly nothing to me for. Not to sound snotty myself, but I frequently spend over $100 per stamp without a second thought. If the dealers want me to spend $0.25 on a stamp then that's fine, but if they want me to spend $50+ on a stamp I would prefer that. When I ask to see the higher value Rev's I got this look like, "Yeah like he is going to buy anything from here". Very discouraging because I wasn't going to spend my money there. But it occurred at most of the booths which I didn't like at all.

I eventually ventured to another booth which collections I wanted to buy for re-selling. Very nice elderly man who has never used a computer before and the idea of selling stamps online was beyond him - everyone to their own. He too underestimated me. He was showing me the low value collections he had for sale. His mouth dropped when I asked him what he wanted for 5 of the collections. When I turned around and asked him what he wanted for his stockbooks as well he nearly choked. He eventually told me he couldn't sell his stockbooks and everything in there (why, I don't know?).

Is this a common theme everywhere? Should I be worried going to one of the larger shows like the APEX ones? The lack of material and sort of sellers there really didn't make it a great trip. For the first time I found myself walking out of there with money that I wanted to spend! When online, I usually find myself with a lack of money rather than with a pocket full...

Reason I am asking in this forum itself - Are stamp shows dying out because of the internet?