Concise Catalog on United States Variable Denomination Stamps (1989-2018)

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The first edition (released in December 2018) of the catalog “Concise Catalog on United States Variable Denomination Stamps (1989-2018)” is in color, written in English, lists all US variable denomination stamps printed by automats (CVP or ATM) or computers (Internet postage stamps) and provides basic information for all issues.

Like traditional stamps, variable denomination stamps (VDS) can be used anywhere and anytime.

The catalog depicts about 1200 stamps or parts thereof. It lists prices for most of the 271 main and 140 sub catalog numbers. Besides the normal stamps (including major paper and imprint types), errors and test prints are shown, if known.

This catalog lists the following variable denomination stamp issues in detail:
[1] Automats:
(a) Autopost;
(b) ECA Gard and Unisys: Postage and Mailing Center;
(c) IBM-Neopost and NCR: Automated Postal Center I;
(d) Neopost Online and Northrop Grumman: Simply Postage Kiosk;
(e) Wincor-IBM and IBM: Automated Postal Center II, III, and IV (Self-Service Kiosk));
(f) Pitney Bowes: mail&go kiosk and “24/7 Stamps on Demand”;
(g) IBM-Wincor Nixdorf: Print on Demand Kiosk.

[2] PC:
(a) Neopost: SnapStamps;
(b) Stamps.com: Normal NetStamps, Photo NetStamps, Photo NetStamps for business customers, Designs-on-Demand NetStamps, promotional NetStamps, beta test NetStamps, NetStamps for Stamps.com use and Photo NetStamps with preprinted denomination;
(c) Endicia: InstaPostage, DYMO Stamps and DYMO Printable Postage;
(d) Pitney Bowes: Stamp Expressions;
(e) Avery and Stamps.com: Avery Stamps;
(f) Pitney Bowes: pbSmartPostage;
(g) Pitney Bowes: SendPro.

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